Lead Spokeperson Needed For Upcoming NFT Game


We’re looking for a lead spokesperson to promote our upcoming NFT Game the Banana Kingdom. The spokes would ideally have a native gaming and/or crypto background with multiple influential social media channels. This isn’t for a shill position but rather a full time offer for a team member/partner. 

The work would begin as soon as October 18th and last roughly 4-5 months taking us through the period of our initial NFT sales and token launches. 


We’re open to hearing from everyone who meets the above criteria but, native English-speaking is a must, as well as being a doxxed person with an interest in our game (this should be obvious) and lastly, that you’re not promoting any other crypto related projects, or crypto games during our partnership. Please take the time to review our whitepaper and our 2 websites Ape Fun and the Banana Kingdom before reaching out. 

This partnership may extend to our guild, the AFG Guild and Ape Fun Arcade so a having an interest in eSports and blockchain gaming and a desire to stay on for longer with additional compensation is a plus!

Percentage Offered
1% of 3 Different NFT Drops Total Sales
Compensation Type
Percentage of NFT Sales
Position Type
Full Time Partnership
Cash/Crypto/NFTs offered
0.1% Supply of Our 6 Different Tokens
Ape Fun Gaming
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Field of work
GameFi (Web3 Video Games)
Boston & Toronto
Project was founded in
Preferred work environment