How Web3 Projects Can Stop the Endless Spam They Get

Running a Web3 project and dealing with endless spam is no fun. But there's a simple solution...
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October 6, 2022
How Web3 Projects Can Stop the Endless Spam They Get

All You Need is a ‘Job Openings’ Link

TL;DR – Sign into your Team Maker project account and complete your Project Profile. Link it to a ‘Job Openings’ tab in your website’s main menu, and a #job-openings channel in your projects Discord.

We’ve all been there, launch day is coming up and you’re working 18 hour days to wrap up loose ends ahead of mint day and every notification seems to feel like spam. Endless spam.

Your Discord or Telegram moderators tag you “bro this guy’s offering this, what do I tell him?”

Ban him, is the only thing you can think of. But there’s a better response to that endless long-line of community manager hopefuls, and self-styled shill masters blowing up your DMs.

It’s a Job Openings tab. Not only in your websites main menu but as a standalone channel in your Discord server.

I know what you’re thinking… but I’m not hiring, and if I was it’s definitely not these folks. And of course not.

No one hires them.

What you do need though is for them to go somewhere else, or not bother you and the team to begin with.

Insert the Job Openings tab on your website and as a Discord channel in your server. And why the Team Maker is perfect for this – and yes it’s free.

All you have to do is sign in to your free Team Maker project account, create your project profile page and then link your project profile page to the Job Openings tab on your site, and to the #job-openings channel in your Discord.

There will come a time when you want to offer up your token or some of your projects NFTs as payment for work you need done. But right now we just want to stop the spam.

Your project profile page shows whether or not your project has any Job, Gig or Partnership opportunities open. See example here. And having this front and center on your main site and as it’s own channel in your projects Discord will divert most of the spam away from you and the team.

It’s also a humane and boilerplate response that your community managers, moderators and project partners can respond to spammers with: “See our #job-openings channel.” Or just respond with the link: “Thanks for the offer, all our needs are continuously posted here (insert your project profile link) as we need them, feel free to apply.”

Problem solved.

Beyond Spam…

Down the road when you’ve decided your project actually needs something, or someone, you can come back and post these needs here in your app dashboard. And we built the dash for bootstrapped projects who want to offer up their tokens or assets as payment.

We hope this tool helps you keep your sanity.

The Team Makers

– We’re a team of web3 developers, project owners, and former project moderators

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