Find Work with a Web3 Project

Land a gig, job or partnership with a Web3 Project and start earning cash, crypto and project equity

Building a Web3 project takes a village, that’s why we built the

Find devs, artists, marketers, writers and maybe a co-founder who’s ready to help you take that big idea to the next level. Post one-time gigs, job or partnership offers with the option of offering cash, crypto or a percentage of your project – or project tokens – to onboard the right makers. Protip: How to Use the Team Maker to Stop Spam, in Under 10 Minutes

The is in beta with free access through Dec. 1st – plenty of time to get familiar.

After the beta ends we’ll rollout a final update and officially launch. On December 2nd you’ll need to hold a Project Tools NFT to enjoy unlimited gig, job and partnership-offer posting, messaging, analytics and access to the Maker directory – or if you’re a Maker – a Maker Tools NFT to upload yourself to our Maker Directory.

Mint Lifetime Access to all Project Tools for .08 ETH

Lifetime access to all Team Maker Project Tools. Bonus: All holders get lifetime access to the Collab Maker.

Sale Has Ended

Mint 1 Year of Access to all Project Tools (date TBA)

Access to all Team Maker project tools in 2023. Bonus: All holders get access to the Collab Maker throughout 2023.

Minting Date TBA

Mint Lifetime Access to all Maker Tools – Free + Gas

Lifetime access to apply for jobs, gigs & partnerships on the Team Maker. Bonus: Allow-listed to mint a collectors pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A maker is anyone with a skillset that's useful to a web3 project. Coders, artists, content creators and community managers are a few examples.

A Gig is a one time task, in web3 a one-time gig can be logo design or the creation of a simple smart contract. Gigs often lead to a jobs and sometimes partnerships. A job is a permanent position that typically pays weekly or bi-weekly. A Partnership is a permanent position that comes with a percentage stake in the project in the form of the projects fungible or non-fungible token(s), or sales derived from the project as a whole. Partnerships may, or may not come with weekly pay or a salary but can be an amazing way to get into a project at the founding level.

Absolutely, in fact, this site is geared toward someone like you.

Absolutely. You may be beyond the phase of looking for early-stage partners to join your company's c-suite/founding team but the Teammaker's Project Pass works just the same when it comes to recruiting whether you're a solopreneur, recruiter, or HR director.

We'll be revealing the information in our newsletter which you can subscribe to with the click of a button on Twitter, at the top of our profile: https://twitter.com/teammakerxyz

No, the beta is wide open to both Makers and Projects until December 1st 2022. You'll need a Project Tools NFT to access the Collab Maker BETA in November.

Unfortunately no. And we have a zero-tolerance policy against spamming. Accounts that spam will be immediately banned. If you feel your service is good, and that you can deliver on a project's 'gig' request, and you can meet the projects payment terms as they've laid them out, you can apply to an offer as a Maker.

No, we don't offer matchmaking services. The Team Maker side of our Project Tool suite functions just like a job's board, similar to Indeed. Perfect for recruiters.